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Some of the world's oldest and most exquisite textiles were woven with bast fibers—cellulose fibers that grow along the length of the plant's stalk. The two bast fibers of greatest importance in our more recent past are the two that produce the cloth known as linen: flax and hemp. Yarns spun from these fibers are incredibly strong, but with their lack of elasticity require different handling while on the loom from fibers like wool and cotton. 


In this class we will address those considerations while weaving cloth with singles linen and hemp yarns. We will discuss sizing (if you've taken a linen class with Justin in the past, he's learned a lot in the past few years and views may have changed!), various applications for lease rods, humidity, and how to conquer your fears of singles bast fiber warps. Yarns will be available from heavy 15/1 to fine 40/1 to match your experience and ambition. Students are encouraged to bring their handspun yarn for use as weft or warp (but let's talk first). Make an intensive out of it by signing up for Flax and Hemp: Growing, Processing, and Spinning Bast Fibers taught be Andrea Myklebust the previous week, October 21–25. 


Materials will be billed separately by weight.

Prerequisite: Foundations or prior weaving experience at MSW.

Weaving Linen: Flax and Hemp | Justin Squizzero

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