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The Marshfield School of Weaving is home to one of the largest collections of early American textile tools, including items fit for use in our programs, and those reserved for study only. The bulk of the collection was received upon the dissolution of the American Textile History Museum in 2016, a sobering reminder that cultural preservation cannot be taken for granted, but must be continually protected. We strive to ensure the future of the tools in our care by engaging students directly through their respectful use. New acquisitions that expand the breadth and usability of the collection are welcome, please contact us if you have historic textiles, textile tools, books, or other items that may make appropriate donations.

A partial listing of the collection may be accessed in our database.


Tow Wheel.jpg

Spinning Wheel,

Tow or Hemp

Materials: Wood: oak and maple

Date: late 18th century

Origin: United States

Heddle Jig.jpg


Heddle Making

Materials: Wood: oak

Date: 18th century (first half)

Origin: American

Teasel Frame

Materials: Metal

Date: 19th century

Origin: United States

Teasel Frame.jpg

Scutching (Swingling) Knife

Materials: Wood

Date: 18th or 19th century

Origin: American

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