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In this two-week class, students will weave (week one), cut, and sew (week two) a garment from their own fabric. Students can choose from a provided shirt, skirt, or apron pattern, which can be modified and adjusted based on experience, ambition and desired fit. We will consider the form and function of a final garment and how that should influence choices with regard to material & weave structure. In addition to winding a warp, dressing the loom, weaving, and apparel construction—students will learn project planning, fabric finishing, and tricks for cutting pattern pieces out of handwoven cloth. The class will provide each student with an end-to-end understanding of creating a piece of clothing, from yarn to fabric to garment.


Materials will be billed separately by weight.


Prerequisite: Due to short lead time we're waiving the prerequisite for Foundations or prior weaving experience at MSW. However, participants should have prior weaving experience before attending this program.

Weaving and Sewing a Garment From Hemp | Marina Contro

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