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The warp, it’s half of the web, the underpinning on which the whole piece hangs. Get it right and the cloth works up with ease. Get it wrong, and weaving is an uphill battle. In this one-day workshop students will review the basic principles of multiple-end warping, followed by a discussion and demonstration of more involved techniques including:


  • a traditional method for forming the lease that may be unfamiliar to MSW alum

  • working with stripes

  • creating a lease of half gangs for warping with groups larger than the sett of the raddle. 


Students will then put these skills to use and wind warps of their own using their own yarn, or yarn provided by the school. We will beam a warp at the end of the day to see how these methods affect the rest of the warping process. This is a great opportunity to refresh your warping technique and to learn more advanced warping skills than are covered in Foundations. 


MSW provided materials will be billed separately by weight if used by students.


Prerequisite: Some prior weaving experience and a basic familiarity with the weaving process. Students are not required to have taken Foundations or to have woven at MSW.

Warping, the Basics and Beyond | Justin Squizzero

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