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This class will explore the creative possibilities of working with a supplemental warp, where two warps combine to produce structures such as pile, warp facing dots, dashes and simple figures on a plain weave ground. In this five-day session, students will learn the principles of working with a supplemental warp on both counterbalance and countermarch loom setups. We will learn simple methods to work with supplemental warps with the goal of students leaving with the ability to apply their learning to their looms at home without the need for specialized equipment. We will spend time planning, designing and weaving a length of cloth in either silk, wool, or cotton using one of the supplemental warp techniques taught in class. This is an intermediate class for weavers who are interested in gaining an understanding of the design possibilities and applications of supplemental warps.


Materials will be billed separately by weight.


Prerequisite: Due to short lead time we're waiving the prerequisite for Foundations or prior weaving experience at MSW. However, participants should have prior weaving experience before attending this program.

Supplemental Warps: Spots, Figures, and Pile | Anne Low & Perry Lewis

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