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Double cloth, the weaving of two layers of cloth simultaneously, was considered one of the six principle branches of the weaving trade and it remains one that offers immense practical and aesthetic possibility. Though the more complex figured and quilted versions were limited to professionally trained Fancy weavers in the 19th century, directions for simpler double cloth constructions may be found in texts geared for home weavers as well. 


In this introductory class, students new to double cloth will weave a “Bag, (wove whole),” or “Pillowcase without seams,” in linen, hemp, or cotton. Those with more experience may weave a small piece of two-block plain double cloth coverlet (throw-sized) or carpet in cotton or wool. 


Materials will be billed separately by weight.


Prerequisite: Foundations, or prior weaving experience at MSW.

Double Cloth: an Introduction | Justin Squizzero

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