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Decorative woven bed coverings—coverlets and counterpanes—were known by the 14th century in England and were popular household textiles in 19th-century rural America. As their form and construction evolved, a broad range of weave structures were utilized in variations that were both accessible to domestic weavers as well as those requiring the more complex looms of the professionally trained. A tour de force in any form, coverlets and counterpanes continue to inspire and challenge weavers today with their beauty and the technical expertise required to produce them.


In this class students will have the opportunity to weave their own coverlet or counterpane in weave structures including Floatwork (Overshot), Summer and Winter, Damask (Turned Twill), Birdseye, Huck, Dimity, Ms and Os, Honeycomb, and more. A traditional two–three panel coverlet or counterpane, or a scaled down throw-sized version may be woven in this class depending on experience level and available time. Materials may include singles or plied cotton, linen, and/or wool yarns.


The class fee of $750 includes a five day class with instruction. Additional time without instruction may be purchased to complete larger projects at a rate of $100 per additional day, available from Saturday, March 2–Friday March 8. This additional time and fee will be calculated at the time of the class for those who wish to take advantage of it. 


Materials are billed separately by weight.


Prerequisite: Foundations, or prior weaving experience at MSW. 

Coverlets and Counterpanes | Justin Squizzero

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