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This one-day class will demystify the spindle wheels known as great, high, wool, walking, or muckle wheels. As the next technological advance after the handspindle, these wheels offer the spinner more control over the speed of the spindle than the later flyer and bobbin wheels most spinners are familiar with today. Once the technique is acquired, woolen yarn may be spun very efficiently on this type of wheel, and the large scale motions are gentle on the body. 


Students will begin by spinning machine prepared wool roving to gain confidence with the wheel, followed by a lesson in efficient hand carding methods. Students will spend the remainder of the day learning a long-draw technique for spinning their hand carded rolls, with a discussion on tools and systems for measuring their finished singles yarn. 


Materials will be supplied and billed separately by weight. If you have well scoured, short staple length wool of your own you'd like to try, please feel welcome to bring it along.


There is no prerequisite or prior spinning experience required for this class.

Introduction to the Great Wheel | Justin Squizzero

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